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Charging Stones

When you purchase a new piece of jewelry from me to wear or even a keychain, you should cleanse and charge it before wearing it or using it. The reason for this is because stones are like computers..they retain information in something like a "memory". The stones hold all the metaphysical energy they have received in their lifetime. As you can imagine, that's quite a lot of good and bad energies! Cleansing your stones is like cleaning out your harddrive of a computer and starting fresh. Once it's cleansed, you can re-program it by charging it and giving it your intentions.

This can be done a few different ways. From what I have read on other sites, you can use anything from salt water (though I personally don't recommend it..I'm always afraid it will tarnish some of the metal pieces), to sunlight, moonlight and smudging. The goal is that no matter what you use, you want to clear the stones of all negative and previous energies.  Here are a few ways you can cleanse:

Dry SEA Salt: CAUTION: Some stones should not be used with sea salt, so unless you are absolutely sure that your stones are salt-safe, please be wary. Only use SEA salt and not regular table salt, as table salt contains other minerals (such as aluminum) that can ruin your stones. In order to cleanse with sea salt, place the salt in a glass container and bury the jewelry in the salt. Leave the item in the salt for 24 hours (Amethyst stones make take a few days longer.) and then you're ready to charge! Dispose of the salt when done to throw away all the negative energy the salt absorbed from the stones. Rinse the jewelry quickly under cold water to remove any traces of salt and dry immediately. Stones such as opal, hematite, lapis lazuli and pyrite should all be kept away from salt water.

Moonlight (MY PREFERRED METHOD): Moonlight can be used to both cleanse and recharge your crystals and stones. You can set your jewelry item on a window sill where the moon shines the stongest, or put it outside (which I would only do if it is protected from the elements). Doing this on the night of a full moon is best, but any type of moonlight will work. Leave it on the windowsill overnight, then remove (Some stones fade in sunlight..) and replace again the next night. Different websites say different things about charging in moonlight (Such as the length of time for each type of stone, etc...But I feel that one night under a full moon or two under any other phase will be just fine).

Sunlight: You can also use sunlight to cleanse your stones. Be aware that certain stones cannot be placed in sunlight. Some stones that will fade or be damaged in the sun are Aventurine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Kunzite, Sapphires, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz.  Many can actually crack or break due to internal fractures within the stones. To be on the safe side, if you do use sunlight to cleanse or charge, make sure you know what your stones are, and only leave them in sunlight for 12 hours.

Smudging (MY SECOND PREFERRED METHOD): Smudging is another quick and effective way to cleanse your stones. You can use sweet grass, sage, or even incense to smudge your items. Simply pass the stones  through your smudging stick or smoke from an incense and it will be cleared of negative energy. The Native Americans use smudging as a way to clear and cleanse many things including crystals. Smudging may leave a bit of residue on your jewelry, so use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe it off when done.Smudging only needs to be done for a short time, from 30 seconds to a minute for each crystal.

After you've cleansed your jewelry, you want to be able to activate it for its healing properties. You do this immediately after cleansing is completed. All charging or programming means is that you want to add your own energy to the stones, telling it what you want it to do for you. (for example: If I have an amethyst bracelet and I want it to help me to meditate, I am going to focus my energy into the stones and think about calm, peaceful things). You can program stones for more than one purpose, but remember, the "law of attraction". If you think negative thoughts while charging your stones, then you will attract negative things. To charge your stones, hold your item in your hands, close your eyes and relax. Concentrate on the jewelry in your hands and focus your thoughts on what you want the stones to do for you. It might help you to imagine a white light through your hand and around the stones. Pictures help the stones pick up on your intention, so focus your thoughts on seeing yourself healthy, happy, wealthy, whatever it is that you are intending to use the stones for. Once you are finished this, then you can wear your jewelry:). Enjoy!

*To read more about cleansing and charging--follow this LINK and this LINK or use google to find some more information:).