Here are a few of my creations. They range from the simple to the elegant.  They are custom made, and one-of-a-kind, but each project can be recreated in a similar style with a different color, gemstone etc. In order to view the photos, just click on the Item category below. Prices for each item are listed below the photo, and they vary depending on what a customer orders. If you see anything that catches your interest, check out my Bohemian Cove Facebook Page Shop or my Etsy Shop (Link to your right), or send me an email for a custom order:

Keychains--Snakechain dangle, or lobster claw to start and then I just add stones until I like what I see!

Bookmarks--Fun and flirty, or cool and calming, these bookmarks are only a few examples of what I've created. I will be making other styles in the future.

Bracelets--From stretch bands to clasps, I make my healing and awareness bracelets specifically for each person's needs. I can also make basic chakra bracelets.

Wire-Wrapped Crystals, Gems, Shells, and Seaglass--From Amethyst to Fire Agate and more...I have a limited selection of wire wrapped pieces, sold individually per pendant alone or with a cord.

Earrings--I have been making a few sets of dangle earrings. They are posted on Pinterest. Check them out by clicking the link below.

Necklaces--I have been playing around with necklaces, and made a few unique pieces. You can see them by clicking on the word "necklaces".

Bubble Wands--Yes!! These are so cute! They are made with wire and I've added some stones to them for some fun and pretty touches!

Rosaries-- I made six full rosaries for a Facebook customer, and he was pleasantly pleased with them all! I also made him one One-Decade as well. The full rosaries run anywhere between $60-$80 dollars depending on the style and type of beads I use.

Nautical Rope Bracelets--I just started making these and I am still struggling with the hot glue and ribbon parts, but they are coming along nicely for first time items.

Beaches in a Bottle--My newest creations!

Soldered Pendants-- I've taken up soldering and have come up with a few cool ideas.

Ornaments--I make ornaments for not just the Christmas season, but all year round!

Witch Balls--  A Witch Ball is a hollow glass sphere hung at a window, or in a corner of a room near the ceiling, that averts or traps evil before it can bring harm to the occupants of the home. It may only a couple of inches in diameter, or large as a pumpkin. It can also be hung on the Christmas tree. I have been making a few of these, and make them in a variety of ways. I fill them with herbs and crystals and charge with whatever intention you would like (Love, protection, harmony,

"Potion" bottles--I made a bunch of these for myself in different sizes for Halloween last year, and sold a few. I still have a bunch left if you are interested in a unique decoration for the upcoming holiday.

Wedding Sets-- I will gladly make your bridal party bracelet and earring sets to match the color of your wedding theme. When you order from me, the bride's set is always FREE! I made my first set back in 2014 and she's been married for almost 2 years! :)

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