Hello there! Let me tell you a bit about how Bohemian Cove got started, and also how it got it's name!
I am a creative mind! I read, I write, I sing, I dance, I used to do theater, I take photos constantly and  I love to do arts and crafts of all kinds, ever since I was a kid. You name it, I wanted to do it! I used to color, play with clay, make ornaments, simple braided bracelets, etcetcetc...I worked in a daycare for four years and our favorite time was arts and crafts because I would come up with all types of things to make. I used my creativity there for the years I was teaching. Once I left, I found that I was not making crafts anymore.

So, I decided to take up scrap-booking as a hobby, since I love photography. However, I just didn't have enough room to work on layouts every day, and I found that I could do event scrap-booking easier than I could do a day-to-day scrapbook. (Printing out digital photos can get VERY expensive!) Anyway, I sort of put that aside for a long time.

In the meantime, I was still looking for a creative outlet (besides the writing and photography I was doing), and the perfect opportunity came up for me to make myself some jewelry. Not the "let's throw some plastic beads on a string and make a bracelet" type...but REAL, elegant, pretty jewelry. In 2008, my brother was getting married and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make myself something sparkly and glittery to go with the dress I was going to wear. I looked around in the craft stores and found some Swarovski crystals (those expensive shimmery ones!), bought myself some of those,some wire and some pliers, some beads, and looked up on the internet the basics of beading. I succeeded in making a very pretty bracelet which I wore to the wedding. I also made myself an anklet. It was a learning process..step by step, and figuring out what to string and how to make pieces better! I was hooked!

I decided to try making some money off a few pieces, so came up with a name for my photography/jewelry business, printed out some business cards, and went to work on some original pieces. I sold quite a few pieces in the span of a few months, but then I realized that I couldn't keep spending money I didn't have on beads and jewelry supplies if I wasn't making much profit. So, I stopped making pieces to sell. Instead, I focused on items for friends for Christmas gifts, or for myself. Occasionally, I would have a friend of mine see something on my Facebook page and say "Hey I like that!" and I would sell a piece to them. But it wasn't enough to keep me in the black.

Then I met my friend Laurie. She is driven to do whatever it takes to make her dreams and goals come true! She is a published author, has an up-and-coming Reiki business, has HER own jewelry business (much more successful than mine at the moment) etc,etc...She has so much on her plate that sometimes she doesn't have time to breathe! But, this is not about her, this is about me. I decided, since she can do all THAT and succeed, that maybe I can do THIS and succeed. SO, she and I came up with the name Bohemian Cove Jewelry, and I decided to start making some again to see if I can really get this business going! I'm not sure if I will succeed but I need to TRY!

So, now you know about Bohemian Cove..let me tell you about me. First off, I am a mother. I am a YOUNG mother. I had my son when I was barely 19, and now he is 21 and a young college man. I am a wife. I am also a teacher. Right now I do not have a permanent job so I have been substituting for the last year and a half, but I am hoping that will change in September. Keeping my fingers crossed! I am a people person. I love talking to people, learning about them, and helping them.

I love to go hiking in the woods with my husband and look for animals. My favorite place is the beach, but I love waterfalls and rivers too. I think my element is water, because I just love being around it. (Part of the reason the name is Bohemian COVE!). I hope someday I can live near the ocean just so I can go and be around it on a daily basis (Although, the ocean scares me as well...I have a very strong respect for it.) I love collecting seashells and sea glass, and crystals and minerals.

  I love wearing flowing broom skirts and soft tank tops in the summer and spring (though this year, I've been wearing jean shorts most of the time;), and warm sweaters and jeans in the fall and winter. I dye my brown hair red in spring and black during the Halloween season (when I either become a witch or a vampire). I would say I am definitely a Bohemian spirit!

 I am drawn to all things metaphysical and supernatural. From a very young age, I believed in ghosts, spirits, vampires and witches. I believed in the power of magic. I believed that magic was around us in nature and that everything in nature had a spirit. I still believe that. When I was younger, I loved collecting rocks and stones and gems. Little did I know that the reason I collected them was because I would start using them in my jewelry! I began reading up on the healing and metaphysical properties of stones and gems a few years ago, and recently decided that would be the focus of my jewelry-making. I am not saying that stones can cure diseases or heal ailments, but I like to think that their properties can ease the mind and soothe the spirit of those dealing with troubles, and perhaps enhance the positive energy one needs in order to heal.  *I am in no way a physician and I strongly recommend speaking to a professional when dealing with a mental and physical illness. *

I have three different blogs besides this one: my personal blog (which only a few people are allowed to read), my photo blog, and my creative writing blog. You can always reach me at Bohemiancove@yahoo.com, and I will try to respond as soon as I can. I have a few different personal email accounts so it's hard to keep track of them all!

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